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This team of Maryland Wedding Professionals is your complete wedding resource in MD and PA. Our services are available on an individual basis that ensures you will get the expertise and personalized attention to create your perfect wedding day.
We invite you to plan your wedding with us.

Our wedding vendors are located in Baltimore, Carroll County, Howard County and Hanover, PA. Servicing Westminster, Eldersburg, Owings Mills, Baltimore, Columbia, MD and surrounding areas.

10 Secrets to a Successful

Your wedding is supposed to be the most important day in a your life, and yet for many, just getting there in one piece is harder than fitting stilettos on an elephant. Why is it so difficult? The biggest problem is stress and how the interplay of all the different participants at your wedding adds or subtract from that stress. Here are some wedding ideas to have a truly successful and happy wedding.

Scientists use the term HOMEOSTASIS (homeo = the same; stasis = standing) to define the physiological limits within which the body functions efficiently and comfortably. Stress disturbs homeostasis by creating a state of imbalance. The Lord knows how easily some people can cause us imbalance. Well, the secret of all of this is that, if we know how difficult it is to change ourselves, we must then take for granted that we are not going to be able to change others, especially between now and the wedding date. So what can we do to make or create STASISHOMEO "the ability to maintain the same mental condition we enjoy now on the day of your wedding" (LOL)?

A Closer Look at Antique Wedding

A Closer Look at Antique Wedding Dresses   by Brian Garvin & Jeff West

in Shopping / Fashion Style    (submitted 2009-10-21)

The timeless, classic appeal of antique wedding dresses is unrivaled despite the endless number of different types and styles of bridal gowns available today. Women of all ages and from all walks of life appreciate the uniqueness and sheer beauty of a genuine old wedding dress, and especially one that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

The fine craftsmanship and incredible details of most all antique wedding dresses is simply amazing with many modern designers now mimicking the vintage style of days gone by. However, to get the same quality of a true antique wedding dress you will more than likely pay handsomely for the privilege.

A Guide to Using Online

A Guide to Using Online Video   by Mark

in Business / Business Ideas    (submitted 2011-06-06)

Video marketing is now the most influential way to communicate online. Just as people would rather watch the film of the book than read the book itself, they are also more likely to be buy into by a video message than a written one. Why is this? What makes video so special? And how can you make it work for your business?

Four statistics that offer overwhelming proof about the influential nature of video marketing:

- Nearly 2/3 of online traffic involves online video (that's a lot)

- Online clothing retailer Zappos found that using video to helped improve sales by 30% whereas Diamond Jewelry United found product videos on their site meant they had a 60% reduction in returns. Who wouldn't want that?

A Romantic Family Garden

A Romantic Family Garden Wedding.   by Emi

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2012-03-26)

Are you currently planning an intimate wedding? Prepare a garden wedding at home. Such a brilliant idea, in relation to making a selection relating to a location, you do not have to look any further than your family home and garden. Garden weddings are so romantic, the ideal environment for lovely photos, to help keep the memories alive for years to come.

The planning begins with picking who the wedding guests will probably be. Then the Weddings Invitations, should they be Customized, Personalized, Inventive, Designer or Theme Wedding Invitations. The most effective factor about going in addition to a wedding design is that you are able to choose the colours and also the laces and ribbons which go having a garden environment. This really is a great thought, as it is possible to reproduce that in the wedding invitation stationery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital

The digital wedding album is one of the best examples of how digital photography has revolutionised wedding photography. So much more can now be achieved than when using film. But there are advantages and disadvantages with digital albums, which we'll have a look at now.


With traditional wedding albums you'd normally have to choose 40 or 60 photos to go in it. But these days most photographers easily take 1000 photos or more at a wedding.

So whereas you would've had to leave out a lot of photos, now you easily include several hundred photos in your wedding album.

Wedding photographers either design their own album layouts with specialist software, or use some form of design service. This may be an independent business or an extra service provided by an album manufacturer.

Artistic Or Journalistic Fashion of Wedding

Artistic Or Journalistic Fashion of Wedding ceremony Photography   by Ernest Burgess

in Relationships    (submitted 2011-08-16)

Often standard photographers had been hired to click the ceremonial photographs along with the friends and the freshly married few at the reception. Having said that, with time the value provided to photography for the duration of wedding has enhanced since these are reminiscences that keep with you for a life time. The marriage ceremony day is anything that you strategy for several months and these images provide you with recollections that you would pass on to foreseeable future generations. A lot of Los Cabos marriage ceremony photographers specialize in the creative photography styles, and aid to make a blend of creative attributes along with the traditional wedding ceremony types.

Best Wedding Album Manufacturers

Best Wedding Album Manufacturers: Make Your Wedding Memorable   by Lewis Philip

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2012-03-16)

Wedding is not only a celebration, but it is the sign of everlasting love and togetherness. This is the reason that every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special and unforgettable. Here becomes the role of wedding photo-albums very important to keep the special memories alive. Through these albums, people can relive the auspicious moments of their marriage by glancing at the photograph of every moment. This entire trend has increased the magnitude of wedding album manufacturers in the marketplace. Consequently various creative wedding photography firms are coming up with innovative ways of manufacturing and decorating wedding albums.

Booking the Right Winter Wedding

It's time for your wedding and you've decided to go on location and have a beautiful white winter wedding. Whether you're travelling to Iceland, Lainio, or another exotic winter locale, booking the right winter wedding services is important to ensure that your ceremony is memorable and romantic. Many travel agents offer all-inclusive wedding packages for couples or small wedding parties. Many of the white wedding locations can only accommodate a certain number of guests, so plan on your wedding being an intimate affair for a few of your closest friends or family.

Choosing the Right Winter Wedding Location

Although many of the winter wedding locations are similar, they do have some differences. If you know that you want to get married in an ice chapel, make sure the location offers one. Some locations offer snow covered chapels rather than actual ice chapels. Since the ice chapels are built fresh each year, it's important that you book your wedding during the coldest months to insure that the ice chapel is available.

Cashing in Online With Local

Are you always preoccupied planning your dream wedding or have you successfully organized a wedding that you were given a lot of credit for? For most people, planning their wedding is one of the most complicated things in their life. They either don't have the time or don't have to patience to go about searching for a good caterer, florist and location when they are also so preoccupied with what to wear. Not only is planning a wedding dreadful for some, but with all the doubts, excitement or apprehensions, who would want to deal with such chaos? If you have time in your hands to do research and computers is something your good at, creating a website dedicated for wedding might be an opportunity for you to earn money.

Choose the best Wedding Video

Choose the best Wedding Video Sydney Videographer!   by Ana Tomson

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2012-02-01)

Your Wedding Video Sydney film will be a reminder of your wedding day and of all friends and relatives who joined with you on your amazing celebration. It's a great representation on your special day and a great way to remember it in live action. In order to be of help to you, below are some ideas when choosing an excellent wedding videographer and some wedding video Sydney trends.

Before you meet with your wedding professional videographer, do a little homework in order to find out what exactly you want for your video. When you will go to meet with him with your information in hand you will be better prepared to ask all the questions that interest you and which can help you decide who will be the right fit for your wedding; some of the most frequently asked question are: