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A Guide to Using Online Video - Business - Business Ideas

A Guide to Using Online Video   by Mark

in Business / Business Ideas    (submitted 2011-06-06)

Video marketing is now the most influential way to communicate online. Just as people would rather watch the film of the book than read the book itself, they are also more likely to be buy into by a video message than a written one. Why is this? What makes video so special? And how can you make it work for your business?

Four statistics that offer overwhelming proof about the influential nature of video marketing:

- Nearly 2/3 of online traffic involves online video (that's a lot)

- Online clothing retailer Zappos found that using video to helped improve sales by 30% whereas Diamond Jewelry United found product videos on their site meant they had a 60% reduction in returns. Who wouldn't want that?

- When software company Dropbox added a video next their download button, downloads went up 30% (pretty impressive)

- Finally, according to Vovici Corporation, a third of online retailers use videos to promote their business. (maybe they're onto something)

Its clear to see that using video marketing will considerably boost the success of your online marketing.

Making video work for your business

So that's all very well and good but how do you make it work for your business? Well there are a number of ways video can work for you:

1. Viral Videos

Its the most obvious one, which so many people harp on about and everyone is looking for that key ingredient that makes a viral go....well.....viral. Make it funny and/or make it clever, make it touching and generally make it very little to do with your brand or business however it'll plant that seed in the viewers mind:

2. Testimonial Videos

Visitors to websites love social proof. Your website is essentially what you say about yourself and your products but testimonials prove to those visitors that you are what you say you are. There is a hierarchy to these too. A written testimonial is trumped by one with a photo, an audio testimonial trumps them and is topped by a video testimonial. But please, keep it real. People smell a fake a mile off.

3. Web Videos (Company Videos)

When visitors arrive at your site you have very little time to connect with them. A video gives you the quickest possible way to tell your visitor what you do and why they should choose you but remember, this isn't a company brochure so remember the mantra "what's in it for them?"

4. Product Videos

Whilst buying some trousers online recently I noticed there were videos for every pair of trousers in the range. Did it help me chose? Yeah. Did it effect my decision by from that site as opposed to the competitor without videos? Yup. Was I happy? Yup.

5. Internal Comms

Most of us have worked in organisations at some point and had to tolerate the stale HR video that cures insomnia within the first minute. However these vids really don't need to be so dry. I'll come on to how to avoid that shortly. Here's one idea that works well:

6. Personal (PR) Message

If you know your CEO has messed up big time, or you've got some bad press you could do a lot worse than this video below:

7. Competitions

If you're struggling to connect, video competitions where you invite users, fans and alike to send in video entries are a great way to engage them and show a more light hearted side.

8. Online Training - Expert Videos

Be the expert in your field, give away knowledge and create that connection with your client. Take this great example of Anti Money Laundering: Online Training from JMW:

You talking to me?

How many of you have had a video made because you knew you needed one but you didn't know why? Now, I can't stress this enough:

"Its really important to know why you're making a video - what you want out of it? and who are you targeting with the video (know your audience)"

Why is this? Because video is all about making a connection with your viewer and if you don't know, then you won't make the right connection. You'll be swatting flies in the dark, which leads me on to my next point:

DIY Video?

Everyone deserves great website videos and video productions. The state of website videos is a little like early websites, with some videos that look like they have been produced by your sister's friends cousin, who once studied media in the 80's! While we agree and actively encourage some clients to create their own video content there comes a times when a professional hand is required. If you're marketing to someone expecting a professional service then using something shot by Dave in accounts really isn't appropriate.

Its going to cost a bit more but the end product is going to be sooo much better and a lot more appropriate. In this day and age shaky camera, poor sound will drive customers away when its meant to do exactly the opposite. Why not download our handy FREE guides to help you make some key decisions.

Emotionally Connecting with Your Audience:

Very simply, video content has moved on from why customers should buy your products or use your services and onto what is it that you and your business believe in and why do you do it?

We all know what we do.

We all know how we do it.

But do you know why you do it? And why should anyone care?

Watch this for a revolution in thinking and how you should apply it to videos for marketing.

Putting our money where our mouth is, here's an example of a very effective Marketing Video we produced for the Manchester's Best Wedding and Portrait Photography company:

Video Marketing Technique : How To Boost Your Bottom Line

Don't forget - There are four ways that video can be used to boost your site:

1. Drive traffic through virals

2. Educate your customer - using demonstration videos

3. Inform your customers - using product videos.

4. Validate through customer testimonials

So What Do We Believe in?

We believe that Corporate Video should be creative, inspiring and engaging. We believe that great Videos, great ideas and great concepts come form the heart and connect from with people on an emotional level. Don't believe us then watch the VW Passat Star Wars Commercial. Anyone who's ever seen Star Wars will have felt the emotional pull of this advert. And while it can't guarantee that everyone rushed out to buy a VW Passat, somebody did.