Q. My city to be far away from Moscow in the Republic of Altai. Can I get a musical instrument in your online store?

A. We supply musical instruments all over Russia since 2006. During this time, we found lot of reliable partners with which we can deliver our products absolutely anywhere in Russia. Delivery of our products in Russia is performed after advance payment. All shipments are packed securely and insured before sending to the region. Since polchueny payment on account of the company, delivery of goods to the carrier is carried out within 1-2 days. Then, depending on the distance of your region vyschitvaetsya travel time. Our manager will monitor and maintain order until the goods are delivered. For online shop Cyber-music does not exist are difficult to access areas. Our experience and knowledge makes it possible to deliver the goods in any quantities in all regions and residential points of our vast country - Russia.

Q. I was given a guitar, and I only plan to learn to play it. Do I need to change the strings at once?
A. Your question is extremely important, because the guitar sound is heavily dependent on the quality of the strings. If installed on a guitar string and inexpensive it is possible to replace them with higher-quality counterparts - do it. And remember that change is possible only on a complete analog.
In no event should not change the metal strings on an acoustic guitar nylon. Sound will be on-lot fainter.
Classical guitar is not less "moody": she needed only nylon. If you decide to replace it with the metal, then be prepared for a possible loss of the instrument. Due to the additional load on the neck of the shell. Therefore, it is better to produce this reversal after consulting a teacher or a professional muse-edge. You do not want to spoil such an oversight tool for replacing strings?

Q. To get started learning to play the guitar, that I choose classical or electric guitar?
A. The best advice a novice guitar player will have a choice in favor of the classics.After one year of classical Gita Roy, you will easily be able to continue professional development in any other-goy. But the reverse of the process - more complex. It is extremely difficult to retrain with the classic electric guitar.
If we talk about the material side of the issue, the classic is cheaper electrical analog, so start learning it is better just with her.

Q. What is the difference unweighted, semi-weighted keyboard and polnovzveshennaya?
A. Unweighted, also called the synthesizer, you can find the most inexpensive models with automatic accompaniment. These keys are pressed almost without effort, and do not saturate the game nuances and shades. Semi-weighted keyboard - the most common. They have a nice elasticity and make the performance more natural.Crowned by a hierarchical pyramid polnovzveshennaya mechanics with hammer effect, which is placed in a digital piano, or imitating the high-end workstations, the piano keyboard.

Q. What is the difference between: a keyboard synthesizer, synth modules and a workstation?
A. Synthesizer, made in the form of housing with a keyboard is a keyboard synthesizer. Synthesizer is used as a body without a keyboard, synth module and is controlled by a MIDI-keyboard. If the keyboard synthesizer equipped with a built sequencer, it is called a workstation.

Q. What is a sequencer?
A. The device is recording, storing, editing and playing MIDI (or audio) data.

Q. What is an arpeggiator?
A. Arpeggiator are called software features a musical instrument, allowing to play a series of arpeggios based on the chord taken by the Executive. (Arpeggio - a sequence of notes sung on the steps a certain chord).

Q. What is the dynamic curves?
A. Correction mechanism depending on the volume of Velocity.

Q. What is polyphony?
A. In figures. pho-but: The number of votes that can be simultaneously extracted from the instrument. In music: polyphony, combining the simultaneous sounding of several tones of equal, each of which has independent expressive sound.

Q. What distinguishes dynamic and condenser microphones?
A. Dynamic microphones can operate in harsh environments and do not require phantom power, condenser microphones provide a better quality but require phantom power (typically 48 volts). Live performance (concert, photojournalist), dynamic fit for studio work - condenser.

Q. Than in the active keyboard. piano keyboard is different from digital?
A. The keyboard piano keyboard, pressing the hammer hits the string, extracting from it the sound of a certain height. In the digital photo-but when you press, it strikes a sensitive sensor that obtains information about velocity, power pressing, pressing time and passes this information to the processor / generator / module.

Q. What is crossover?
A. The device, which separates the signal frequency spectrum into two or more parts.

Q. What is transposition?
A. Moving sound in the interval up or down, while maintaining harmony, but changes his tone.

Q. What is the keyboard modes, which are they?
A. Normal: Only one band over a range of keys, which is controlled by a pitch.Separation: The keyboard is divided into two parts, each of which can control a separate tool. Overlay: This is the case when one zone completely covers the entire range of the other, but when you press each key is retrieved music of two voices.

Q. What is the sound animation?
A. This is when the vibrations of air produced by an acoustic pressure sensor affect the AU which drives the motors of the light unit.