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Collective Music Store has a wide experience of installation of various difficulty levels.Based on the allocated budget, our specialists will select the equipment that best meet specific project objectives.
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Our experts will help select the equipment for your project on the basis of the problem is not going beyond the budget.

At the same time, our company welcomes the various possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation with contractors intermediary companies or just individuals who are entitled to discounts and premiums are paid. We are always glad to see you among our valued customers and business partners. Call ...
Company Profile - process design and equipment of cultural, leisure and sporting destination:

- Electro-acoustic project
- Calculation of room acoustic parameters in the program EASE 4.1
- Recommendations based on finishing the interior
- Calculation of parameters and selection of sound-reproducing equipment
- Calculation of parameters and selection of lighting equipment
- Calculation of parameters and choice of film video projection equipment
- Calculation of the size of the silver screen for the cinema
- Calculation of structures and systems zaekrannoy deck mess
- Structural analysis podium for cinema seats
- Development of schemes of arrangement of equipment in areas subject
- Development of flowcharts connecting equipment
- Development of schemes for laying cable lines
- Development of schemes for mounting equipment
- Calculation of power consumption of equipment
- The release documentation
- Drawing up the specifications of the main equipment
- Supply of equipment
- Installation of cabling
- Installation of sound, light and film projection equipment
- Installation of electronic equipment in racks.
- Commissioning
- Adjust the sound and light set
- Adjusting the film projection of the complex
- Training
- Warranty service
- After-sales support

D 401 864 - Proekirovanie buildings and constructions I and II in accordance with state standards.
D 401 863 - Construction of buildings and constructions I and II in accordance with state standards.

Acoustic project - computer simulation and calculation of the architectural and electro-acoustic characteristics of the cinema, with the help of a specialized program EASE 4.1 (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) to determine the most effective sound system for high-quality playback of different audio, music and speech programs.

The program EASE (created by Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert, owner of the company Acoustic Design Ahnert, Berlin) helps architects, engineers, audio consultants and contractors to investigate the acoustic characteristics of the premises at the stage of design work before the end of the facility and direct purchase of sound equipment. It should be noted that the program contains an extensive database of speakers from most manufacturers, allowing comparisons with those. characteristics and choose the alternative models (before the purchase!) for the highest quality sound of this particular room. To date, the program EASE version 4.1 is a basic tool for modeling of sound systems, which can be applied to a wide range of projects in accordance with the standards and requirements of domestic and international standards.