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Rekindling Your Love With Your Wedding Video - Relationships - Weddings

Rekindling Your Love With Your Wedding Video   by Rob Case

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2009-09-06)

Do you remember how you and your spouse fell in love? And do you want to try to get that spark back? If you do, a video of your wedding may be just the thing to bring back all the good memories of when you were most in love with each other.

Relationships go through peaks and valleys. When two people live together for a while, it's inevitable that there will be times of anger, resentment, and boredom with your partner. But what was it that caused you two to get together in the first place? Taking some time out to re-watch your wedding video and reflect on your marriage day may be just the spark to make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

Wedding videos are not simply a record of the wedding - although they are definitely that as well. But they should be more. Wedding videos are meant to convey the emotion of the event. That's why simply aiming the camera at the studio hall and turning it on will not give you good results.

To make the best videos, take a cue from concert videos that you've seen. The camera pans to the stage and shows the performers. Then it pans back into the crowd to show the fan's reactions - the screaming, shouting, clapping. The video of your wedding should do the same. Ideally it will catch the wedding guests at their points of joy, laughter, tears, and surprise.

As psychologists have long known, our memories often play tricks on us. As the bride and groom are going through a wedding, many times things are moving so fast that they don't have the time and luxury to enjoy the moment. This is another thing that a wedding video can provide for the couple. It can let them see, for the first time, their own wedding. They can relax and enjoy the celebration in a way that they didn't get to the first time around. Years from now you'll be more than glad that you preserved this special moment in both of your lives.

So why use a professional videographer? You use a professional videographer for the same reason that you use a professional photographer, you want good results. A professional videographer is an expert at his or her work. He knows what makes a good shot, what makes a good scene, how and where the microphones should be placed, what problems will be likely to crop up in the editing room, and more. But in addition to a professional, you want someone with a vision. someone that can take your wedding event and turn it into a work of living, breathing art that conveys the total experience of your wedding day.

As the bride and groom, you are the producers of your wedding video. You may not shoot and direct the film, but you do decide what should be included and how it should be shot. As partners, together you decide what is important to you, what things and events that you want to capture on film.