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What is the difference between a live event and a regular chat?
What are the benefits of holding live events?
What does CWLive offer for Live Events?
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What is the difference between a live event and a regular chat?

A moderated live event is an online three-way exchange between a guest speaker, a moderator and an audience in a specially adapted chat room. A live event often places a real world happening, personality, product or service into the spotlight where safe and clear communication is paramount.

A regular chat room is open for all participants to speak at anytime, and does not allow management of the comments that are made. Your live event and guest speaker would be wide open to comments that would possibly offend or ruin the overall tone of the event. Unlike regular "free-flow" chat, a live event enables members to ask questions of the speaker via a special moderation tool.

Questions/comments do not immediately appear on the chat screen, but rather are sent to live event personnel who present the questions one at a time which:

helps with the flow of the exchange,

helps to control the overall quality of the event,

filters the questions/comments to avoid any potentially damaging comments from being submitted, and

assists the guest speaker in presenting their information in the most choreographed manner:

auditorium diagram

A live event environment provides the best possible communication between speaker and audience with both able to participate clearly and effectively.

For a live event demonstration or further details please contact us. Read on to find out how you might use a live event.



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