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Wedding Albums Tips For Selecting The Perfect One - Self Help - Advice

Wedding Albums: Tips For Selecting The Perfect One   by Chad Barker

in Self Help / Advice    (submitted 2006-12-16)

Wedding albums come in all shapes and sizes and they often have just one goal. That goal is to provide you with the memories that will last a lifetime that came from your wedding. Your wedding was a wonderful day, filled with laughter, love and unique smells, sensations, tastes and even touches. For those reasons, when you want to keep those memories alive, you should create a wedding album that somehow brings these things through.

There are many different ways that you can do this. The most important will be to select the right style of wedding album for you. Not only do you want an album that is safe to your pictures with no acid in the pages and something that will preserve them for years to come, but you also want to be able to add in special touches. Here are some ideas.

* To remember the smells of your wedding day, add the flower petals from that day into your wedding album dried and preserved. Just one or two is all that's needed.

* To remember the sensations of walking down the aisle, include a piece of fabric that's like your wedding dress. As you walked, your dress brushed your legs.

* To remember the sights of the day, make sure to include pictures of the flowers, the aisle runner, and the wedding favors.

* To remember the tastes of that day include into your wedding album a picture of the cake, the dinner that you ate and perhaps even a photo of the deserts you enjoyed the most.

When you add these things into the wedding album, you allow yourself to re-experience everything. Each element comes back at you, like a wave of emotions. While the pictures are the most important thing in your wedding album, recreate the day by choosing a wedding album that helps you to experience all of your moments that day.